Chaly: It’s time to apply for NATO

The next step, which is logical for Ukraine after abolition of the non-alignment status, should be introduction of a state of emergency in Donbas and an application for NATO.

Ambassador Extraordinary of Ukraine Oleksandr Chaly said on air of the Shuster Live program Friday, December 26.

“If we have abandoned the non-aligned status, it would be logical to impose martial law at least in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. And the same day, when we abandoned the non-aligned status, to apply for NATO membership if our position is sincere and strategic,” he said.

“The non-aligned status sharpens very much our safety during these months. The Minsk talks gave one result – the prisoner exchange. It was clear for all professionals that there will be no dynamics,” Chaly said.

He urged Ukraine to take a clear position and to recognize that it is not the ATO in Donbas, but the military action.

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