Capture of Donetsk airport or Mariupol to trigger new sanctions – Bloomberg

The European Union may impose additional sanctions on Russia if pro-Russian fighters capture the Donetsk airport or the city of Mariupol, Bloomberg has reported, citing its own sources.
“If the separatists took the Donetsk airport or the city of Mariupol in an effort to create a land corridor, the EU might impose additional sanctions… The outcome is impossible to predict and could go either way,” reads the statement.
The report also states that the EU is far from considering an easing of the sanctions imposed on Russia for its encroachment on Ukraine.
The report notes that earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she does not see any change regarding Russia’s position on the Ukraine conflict and signaled she is determined to uphold EU sanctions, saying “one has to be prepared for the long haul.”
As reported, this morning terrorists began a massive assault on the positions of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces at the Donetsk airport.

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