Canada will provide Ukraine with 4 more Leopard 2 tanks

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trude at a special briefing on February 24, 2023, announced that Ukraine would receive four more Leopard 2 tanks as part of military assistance.

Source: The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trude

“Canada will provide four additional Leopard 2 main battle tanks to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in defense of their country, growing our contribution to eight tanks in total,” informed the Canadian Prime Minister.

Canada will also hand over an armored recovery vehicle to Ukraine and more than 5 thousand shells of 155 mm caliber.

“The four previously announced Leopard 2 main battle tanks have been delivered to Poland and a Canadian Armed Forces team of trainers is currently training Ukrainian tank crews,” added Justin Trude.

In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, announced that more than $32 million in aid to Ukraine. The funds will be used for demining, and countering radiological, chemical, and nuclear threats which undermine the safety of Ukraine.

The volume of financial, humanitarian, military and other assistance provided by Canada from the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has exceeded $ 5 billion.

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