Canada will allocate additional $3M to support demining actions in Ukraine

The Government of Canada noted on March 7, 2023, that Canada would provide Ukraine with 3 million Canadian dollars (about 2.2 million US dollars) for demining.

Source: The Government of Canada

“Additionally, in close coordination with the European Union, Canada is announcing an additional $3 million in funding to support mine action in Ukraine. This funding will bolster important recovery and reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, and it complements the more than $32 million in funding that Canada is already providing to support mine action in the country,” reported the Government of Canada.

At the same time, the new support will help provide Ukrainians with the tools needed to overcome the consequences of the war.

Also, the Canadian government will hand over seven electrical transformers to Ukraine to restore Ukraine’s power system.

“Canada will continue to coordinate with its international partners to help Ukrainians fight back against the cruelty inflicted upon them by President Putin and his accomplices,” concluded the Canadian Government.

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