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Canada to send troops to Ukraine in “non-combat role”

According to a government source, Canada will send its troops to Ukraine in the coming months. As it is underlined Canadian soldiers will not be engaged in military operations. This was reported by Canadian Media Channel CTV News:

As it is well known Canada is among the countries that have a clear stance against Russian invasion in Ukraine and describes it as an “illegal occupation”, providing sanctions against the aggressor:

“While the government is still working out the details, sources tell CTV News a training mission is one of the options on the table. Canada will likely work closely with American allies who are already in the region.”

” Senior Conservatives have been hinting at the possibility of an expanded mission for weeks, and the move will emphasize Canada’s strong anti-Putin stance and help shore up the Ukrainian government.”

Canada is among “the strongest international supporters of Ukraine’s efforts to restore stability and implement democratic and economic reforms”. Besides Canada PM Harper in Ukraine blamed Russian President Putin over Nuclear Weapons:


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