Canada provides intelligence on cyber threats to Ukraine, – Canadian Foreign Minister

Canada condemns Russia’s cyberattack on Ukraine on the eve of a military invasion that has caused Internet disruptions across Europe.

Source: Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly

“Canada strongly condemns the destructive cyber activity by Russia targeting the European telecommunications sector on February 24, 2022. Canada joins its partners and allies in attributing this activity to Russia.”

“On February 24, disruptive cyber activity directly targeted the Viasat KA-SAT satellite Internet service in Ukraine, rendering critical infrastructure for Internet and communications inoperable. This activity disrupted the Internet connectivity of tens of thousands of people across Europe. Canada assesses that the Russian military was behind this incident. Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, its malicious cyber activity, and its egregious disinformation campaigns are unacceptable and must stop.”

“Canada is also sharing valuable cyber threat intelligence and providing cyber assistance to Ukraine to strengthen that country’s defense against Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion.”

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