Canada and the United States will “double control” over exports of goods to Russia

Canadian Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino said that the US and Canadian border services would step up efforts to control exports to Russia of goods and services that help the economy of the aggressor country.

Source: Canadian Minister of Public Safety Marco Mendicino

“Canada will stand firm against Russian aggression, whether it’s Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine or cyberattacks and disinformation elsewhere in the world. That’s why the CBSA are redoubling efforts to stop critical goods and technologies from falling into Russian hands. This renewed collaboration with the United States will help bolster these efforts and hold Russia accountable.”

“Together, with the USA we will share information; conduct pre-and post-shipment verifications and audits; inspect, detain, and seize shipments; and reduce threats through coordinated enforcement actions and investigations.”

To highlight the importance of this partnership, a delegation from the United States, led by Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement Matthew S. Axelrod, met virtually with CBSA officials in Ottawa on June 8.

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