Bulgaria secretly sent 4,200 tons of weapons to Ukraine via Poland

Acting Economy Minister of Bulgaria Aleksander Mihaylov said on August 4 that the country had sent 4,200 tons of weapons since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The supplies went through Poland.

Source: Acting Minister of Economy of Bulgaria Alexander Mykhaylov

“In the first four months of the war, by June 30, former Minister of Economy of Bulgaria Korneliya Ninova signed permits to export Bulgarian weapons worth one billion and 16 million euros. Within this four-month, 4,200 tons of Bulgarian weapons were delivered to the Polish airport close to the border with Ukraine.”

He added he could prove his words with documents but did not show them.

In early June, the Bulgarian government announced it had transferred weaponry to Ukraine worth slightly more than 100 million euros. It was transported via the Polish airport of Rzeszów, located close to the border.

In the spring, the Bulgarian parliament approved a decision to repair Ukrainian military equipment at defense enterprises.

In addition, the former head of the government of the Republic Kyrylo Petkov said that Bulgaria would support Ukraine with humanitarian aid.

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