British planes can help secure shipping routes for Ukraine’s grain exports, – British Defence Secretary

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that Britain could send aircraft to secure shipping routes to release Ukraine’s trapped grain.

Source: British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

Mr Wallace told at the NATO summit in Madrid that Rivet Joint or P8 Poseidon aircraft could patrol areas of the Black Sea if a deal was done to allow grain ships to leave Ukraine’s blockaded ports.

“This would be possible if the parties to the conflict reached agreements on the export of Ukrainian grain by sea. Britain’s main role in such an operation can be “reconnaissance and security surveillance,” Wallace noted.

At the same time, he noted that the possibility of sending British warships to the Black Sea was not considered.

“We are not going to send our ships to the Black Sea because this would mean that we would have to ask Turkiye to remove the blockade,” the Minister said.

It should be noted that the Turkish authorities have blocked the Bosphorus strait for warships.

Russia has blocked more than 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain intended for export under the agreements of the World Food Program UN.

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