British Gov`t to continue work to resolve conflict in Ukraine: Queen

Queen Elizabeth II has delivered the Queen`s Speech and outlined the priorities for the state saying that the British government will continue resolving the Ukrainian conflict.
”My government will continue to work to resolve the conflict in Ukraine,” said the Queen. Her Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough spelled out the British Embassy Kyiv`s priorities for the year ahead, posting a video statement on the embassy`s Facebook page.
We want to see Ukraine prosper as a stable and secure state on the European continent. Working with partners, my team and I will work to resolve conflict including through training and reforming Ukraine`s armed forces, and through our humanitarian and peace-building work.
”We will work to promote our influence and values by upholding Ukraine`s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence,” she said.
The ambassador also said the British Embassy will work to tackle corruption and support reformers who are working to build a prosperous democratic future for this region.

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