Britain warns Putin against aggression towards NATO

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against Russian aggression towards NATO members.
He said this in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference, according to PoliticsHome.
“Let me remind Mr Putin that a threat to any NATO member will get a response from us all,” Hammond said.
He said that Britain would not allow NATO allies in Eastern Europe to be bullied. “That’s why we sent our Typhoon jets to the Baltic earlier this year, and we’ll do so again if we need to,” Hammond said.
He said that Putin had torn up the rule book and chosen the path of confrontation by his illegal annexation of Crimea, by supplying the missile that murdered 298 innocent people on flight MH17, and by sending Russian troops into eastern Ukraine.
“We should be proud that Britain has led the way in securing far-reaching sanctions, sending the message that Russia’s illegal behavior will not be tolerated,” Hammond said.

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