Britain to allocate about ?1 mln for reforms in Ukraine

The UK government will allocate to Ukraine about ?1 million for a program to support reforms in the country in 2015-2016, Ukraine’s 24 news channel has reported.
The main project of the program aims to improve the management system, increase the transparency of government in Ukraine, as well as to fight corruption. In addition, it is expected to assist in the implementation of economic reforms, with a focus on improving the business climate. The project implementation will start in April 2015 and end on March 31, 2016, with its possible extension until July 2016. The budget for the project financing is envisaged to be between ?100,000 and ?200,000, the document states.
Moreover, the British government plans to implement four or five more projects with a budget of ?100,000-200,000 each, which totally amounts to about ?1 million.
It is also explained in comments to the program that the Maidan activists, some of whom became consultants to the Ukrainian government, will also work on the projects.
Everything depends on the core of the project. However, a possible conflict of interest should be avoided, the document reads.
As reported, in late November, the UK published a plan according to which London intends to allocate about ?1 million ($1.5 million) in 2014-2015 for various projects on resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

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