Bosnians want to judge Girkin for war crimes

Bosnians want to try one of the leaders of militants from the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” Igor Girkin (“Strelok”) for war crimes he committed in this country, if the “Ukrainian war” is not his last one.
Historian of the Bosnian war Aziz Tafro said in an interview, media reported.
“Igor Girkin arrived in Bosnia with the Cossacks as member of the Cossack unit. He was 23 years old when he appeared in Visegrad. His commander was Alexander Zagrebov, whose name was also Alexander As. His unit committed different war crimes, crimes against humanity, including ethnic cleansing in Visegrad, Foka, Ruda, and in Saraj. Girkin must be brought to justice for the crimes he committed, along with the people who ordered them. He then fought throughout of Bosnia. After the war he left, and now is fighting in Ukraine,” the Bosnian researcher said.
The former Bosnian army Major and the author of “The Greek and Russian mercenaries in the war in Bosnia,” Aziz Tafrov, recalled that Girkin came to Bosnia in late October or early November 1992 and fought on the side of the Serbs in different parts of Bosnia, where he had left behind a trail of blood.
The Bosnian historian, who now, due to the events in Ukraine, is a frequent guest on local television, says that Girkin and his associates of the number of people close to the Russian writer and National Bolshevik Eduard Limonov, profess an ideology of “Orthodox terrorism”, which is no less dangerous than the terrorism of Osama Bin Laden and Islamic fundamentalists.

12.08.2014 10:39

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