Batkivshchyna promises to come to Verkhovna Rada in full force

The Batkivshchyna faction announced full mobilization for Thursday to adopt important laws for the state.
Faction leader Serhiy Sobolev told a briefing on Wednesday, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“The Batkivshchyna announced full mobilization tomorrow to answer the question of how the country will live three months before the election and two months after the election, until the new government is formed,” Sobolev said, adding that the party would support amendments to the budget for allocation of money to the ATO.
He predicted that tomorrow will be “the highest boiling point” in the session hall and the voltage will not be connected with political issues, but economic.
The Batkіvschyna leader said tomorrow it will be impossible to solve the problems in the state without taking important economic decisions. “And tomorrow we’ll get the answer to the question why it was announced about withdrawal from the coalition before voting on a package of reforms,” Sobolev said.
Moreover, in his opinion, the parliament should also adopt the laws on lustration; on the National Bureau of anti-corruption reforms; on the Prosecutor’s Office and the proportional election system with open lists, as well as the law on settlers, and to cancel the pension and health reforms.
According to the Batkivshchyna leader, the faction is also considering an option to convene extraordinary meetings of the parliament specifically to meet these priorities.
30.07.2014 16:21

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