Balcerowicz: Ukraine seeing beginning of economic growth

Leszek Balcerowicz, the president`s representative in the Cabinet of Ministers and the co-chair of the group of strategic advisors on reform support in Ukraine, says that the economic growth has started in Ukraine, but it can be sustained provided further implementation of reforms.
”The economic growth has started, and it will continue if the implementation of reforms continues, and if there is support not only of the government but particularly of the parliament,” he said at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday, according to an UNIAN correspondent.
Balcerowicz said Ukraine was able to avoid the disaster thanks to the policy that the government and authorities were adopting.
”You were facing the disaster with the budget due to its initial parameters. As far as I remember, the deficit was set at 10% of GDP, and it shrank by 3%,” Balcerowicz said, adding that the work had not been finished yet, but the difference was already noticeable.
Balcerowicz also underlined that very important steps had been made to stabilize the Ukrainian banking system, which was facing big challenges.

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