Australia to open embassy in Kyiv and consider ‘non-lethal’ military assistance to Ukraine

Australia will open an embassy to support nine Australian Federal Police investigators who are in Ukraine investigating the Malaysia Airlines MH17 tragedy. The country was also considering short-term humanitarian and non-lethal military assistance.
ABC News informed on Wednesday, quoting Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
“In the medium term, we are considering civil and military capacity-building assistance to that country (Ukraine-Ed.)”
He thanked for Ukraine’s help in recovering the bodies of passengers on MH17, and said that Australia and Ukraine are geographically distant, but they have grown close because of the tragedy.
“The Government, and I believe the Australian people, would like to repay Ukraine for its support and friendship, especially as Ukraine continues to be subject to active destabilization and indeed outright invasion from Russia, a country it has never ever sought to harm,” Abbott said.

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