Auchan store leaves Russian market: there will be no supplies and investments to Russia

The French company “Auchan” has stopped investing and supplying in Russia, and imported goods will no longer be on store shelves.

“We have finally managed to get the company to stop investing and supplying in Russia. This is only the first step, but we are determined to continue. Victory will be ours! “Auchan Ukraine” condemned Russia’s armed aggression from the first days of the war. The head office has decided to stop investments and supplies to Russia under pressure from thousands of employees, and dozens of letters”, – the press service of “Auchan Ukraine”.

The company explained what this means for Russia:
• No new stores will open.
• Existing stores will not be repaired.
• IT technologies and projects will not be supported.
• Key software, such as cash, logistics, commercial, etc., will not be updated.
• Imported goods will not be supplied to Russia – this is 90% of the range of clothing, footwear, household goods, and textiles.

Auchan notes that stores in Russia are already unprofitable, and the above sanctions will lead to a catastrophic drop in trade and taxes and a high probability of bankruptcy.

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