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ATO to go down in history as Patriotic War of 2014 – Poroshenko

The events of recent months will go down in history as the Patriotic War of 2014.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said this in his speech on Independence Square in Kyiv on August 24 on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day.
“The events of recent months have become a real war for us though it hasn’t been declared. Probably, it will go down in history as the Patriotic War of 2014. The war against foreign aggression and for Ukraine, for its will, dignity and glory, for the people. For Independence,” he said.
He said that the struggle for the victory had become a nationwide movement, the case of everyone.
“I am confident that the battle for Ukraine, for independence will end up successfully for us due to the nationwide solidarity multiplied by courage and heroism of our warriors,” Poroshenko said.

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