ATO lacks medical transport, no problem with staff and medicines

All units in the ATO area are fully equipped with medicines, but a specialized medical transport is not enough.
Director of the Military Medical Department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Vitaliy Andronati told a press conference on Tuesday, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“There is a set of drugs that are supplied to military units according to the regulations, volunteers also help, and so now some divisions formed such a stock of medicines that when I called the head of the medical unit of the 72nd Brigade and asked how the unit is supplied, I got the answer “Any district hospital will envy us,” Andronati said.
He added that the problem with medical supply can occur only at those units, which are temporarily difficult to reach.
However, the Director of the Military Medical Department stated that in the ATO area, specialized medical helicopters are missing and they have to use fighting helicopters to evacuate the wounded. Armor sanitary vehicles are not enough, many vehicles were smashed by Grad rocket launchers.
“But there is some movement, medical armored vehicles BTR-4 undergo tests now, armored vehicles are manufactured at factories and are able to protect both the personnel and the wounded,” Andronati said.
He also stressed that the ATO is fully equipped with the medical service personnel. “The medical service of military units is staffed by 100%, we deployed two mobile hospitals, mobilized another four mobile hospitals, and two ambulance squadrons,” the department director said.
12.08.2014 14:53

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