ATO headquarters confirms invasion of Russian technology in Ukraine

A column, consisting of APCs (armored personnel carriers) and military trucks crossed the border of Ukraine via the checkpoint of Izvaryne, captured by separatists.
According to available data, military equipment is moving towards Molodohvardiysk, Luhansk region, the headquarters of the Antiterrorist Center informs.
“The intelligence has confirmed that a column of APCs and military Urals crossed the border and through the temporarily closed Ukrainian checkpoint of Izvaryne entered the territory of our country. The intelligence also confirms that license plates and markings on the technique were Russian,” a statement says.
The Antiterrorist Center indicated that a column is not large, but intelligence officers failed to count the exact number of armored vehicles and trucks. According to preliminary data, armed soldiers were in the trucks.
15.08.2014 12:31

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