ATO forces foil plan by terrorists to take control of important highways

Fierce fighting is going on in the area of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in eastern Ukraine for control of strategically important highways – M04 and H21. Ukrainian subdivisions thwarted attempts by militants to regain control of their supply routes.
Director of the Center for Military and Political Studies and coordinator of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk reported this on his Facebook page.
“Militants, using their reserves that include heavy armor and acting from the settlement of Molodohvardiysk, tried to regain their lost positions on the Novosvitlivka-Khriashchuvate route, but unsuccessfully,” the expert said.
The ATO forces strengthened their positions in this area, ensuring control over the M04 highway and exit to the south suburbs of Lugansk. This maneuver is aimed at unblocking the Luhansk airport, where Ukrainian units are holding the line.
At the same time, the fighting continued near Luhansk, where the ATO forces took favorable positions to liberate the city.
16.08.2014 12:02

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