ATO forces break through to Luhansk airport

The Ukrainian Army completed the encirclement of Horlivka and cut the highway M-04, providing access to the locked units at the airport in Luhansk.
Director of the Center of Military and Political Studies, coordinator of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk writes on his Facebook page.
“Finally, Horlivka was encircled. Success was developed near towns of Novosvitlivka-Khriaschuvate with cutting Luhansk from another territory, controlled by the “LPR”(in towns Khriaschuvate there is a mopping up operation against terrorists), thus bringing under complete control a sector of the M-04 highway and providing access to the locked units of the Ukrainian army at the airport in Luhansk, “ a statement reads.
18.08.2014 09:56

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