Are Russians involved in power outage in Kyiv region?

Power outage, taking place in Kyiv region, is not related to the needs of the economy, but was carried out by local communal enterprises independently.
Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Ostap Semerak said on air of the TV Channel 24, the government portal informs.
“Unfortunately, the policy is involved in power outage that occurred last week. A problem is that owners of many regional energy companies, which are involved in power outage, are Russian companies. These companies, according to a decision of the government, got into a list of companies, against which sanctions may be used,” the official said.
He assured that competent bodies are now engaged in this issue.
According to Semerak, there are no grounds for power outage. In addition, for the introduction of such measures a schedule must be developed, which should be approved by the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry and local self-government bodies.
“Ukraine is an exporter of electric energy to the markets of neighboring countries, the EU countries. If there is need, Ukraine may reduce electric energy supplies to the foreign market, but no power outage will be for Ukrainian population,” the official stressed.

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