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Antonov to not allow technical maintenance of AN aircraft operated in Russia by other companies

Ukraine`s state-owned enterprise Antonov, the only Ukrainian designer and manufacturer of cargo and passenger planes, is prepared to ban Russian airlines from operating aircraft of the AN series outside the Russian Federation, in case of copyright infringement or refusal of the Russian operators from aircraft technical maintenance services, according to the company`s director, Oleksandr Kotsiuba.

”Companies that operate aircraft of the AN series in Russia are making active attempts to resign from Antonov, as the designer, and transfer this function to their own enterprises, in particular, Ilyushin Aviation Complex. We have already stated that we flatly oppose the idea of transferring the designer`s functions to someone else. We are guided, first of all, by safety precautions, because we are dealing with the safety of flights. And Antonov enterprise, as a designer, performs its functions in accordance with all international aviation regulations,” Kotsuba said.

”The Russians at home can do whatever they want, and they can adjust laws as they please, but the issue is that we, as a designer, can impose a ban on flights of aircraft outside the Russian Federation. And we will impose such a ban if the situation requires. Because these are our aircraft. And if someone else, except Antonov, will deal with technical issues, we are simply not able to guarantee the safety of flights,” he added.

Earlier, Kotsiuba said that Antonov was planning to terminate, by the end of the year, all ongoing joint projects with Russian transport company Volga-Dnepr, which has been operating the An-124 aircraft Ruslan.

UNIAN memo. State-owned Antonov is the manufacturer of cargo and passenger aircraft, as well as special purpose aircraft. Among the company`s most recognized projects are the An-32, An-148, An-158, An-74, An-124, An-70 and An-225. 


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