Anti-terrorist operation forces to receive 100 more units of military equipment – Poroshenko

Another hundred units of equipment for the needs of the Ukrainian army will be transferred at a military training ground near Zhytomyr on Monday, January 5.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said this during a meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies, the presidential press service reported.
In addition, Poroshenko discussed with the heads of law enforcement agencies the readiness of fortifications on the contact line, the situation with the receipt of the military-technical and material assistance from Ukraine’s partner countries, as well as the stages of the re-equipment and provision of the anti-terrorist operation forces with modern military equipment, including anti-battery protection means.
The president noted that the combat effectiveness of Ukraine’s Armed Forces had been significantly enhanced in a short period of time.
“In fact, within a month we provided our military with a significant amount of new or modernized military equipment. The next stages of the transfer of modern equipment to the armed forces are planned for the near future,” he said.
Poroshenko also stressed that every mobilized soldier should be provided with everything necessary, and the question of the choice of suppliers should be agreed by the heads of law enforcement agencies with volunteers.
“If it is needed to review the companies that supplied [goods] in the past, it is necessary to do this with the assistance of volunteers. I was pleasantly impressed with the quality and price of Ukrainian military products that were presented at the Yavoriv military training ground and ask the Defense Ministry to take this into account,” he said.

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