Almost 50 UN countries have condemned Russia’s false narratives about “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine

About fifty UN countries signed a document on Monday, July 11, strongly condemning Russia’s attempts to justify its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine with false narratives about the fight against “neo-Nazis” and “neo-fascists.”

Source: The document of the UN member states 

The meeting of Security Council members specially organized by Russia is another cynical attempt by the Kremlin to prove to the world its innocence in the criminal war in Ukraine.

“We condemn Russia for again abusing its seat in the UN Security Council to spread disinformation. We reject Russia’s efforts to distort history for its political purposes and to promote extremely harmful false narratives and disinformation about neighboring countries, in particular by labelling others as “neo-fascists” and “neo-Nazis”, which have no basis,” the statement said.

The appeal was signed by representatives of about 50 countries, including Ukraine, Australia, Canada, USA, Croatia, Georgia, Japan, Moldova, Montenegro, Great Britain and EU countries.

As a result, UN member states once again call on Russia to cease its hostile disinformation campaigns against Ukraine, cease its brutal and deliberate war of aggression, and immediately, fully and unconditionally withdraw their forces and means from the territory of Ukraine.

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