Alexandrov, Yerofeyev not to ask for pardon – lawyer

Russian GRU special forces officers Yevgeny Yerofeev and Alexander Alexandrov earlier convicted in Ukraine over their involvement in hostilities in Donbas, as well as their defense teams, will not apply for a pardon.
”Due to the fact that we – both the convicts and the defense team — do not believe the verdict lawful and justified and we don`t agree with this sentence, the convicts and the defense team will not make such appeal,”Yerofeyev`s lawyer Oksana Sokolovska said, according to RIA Novosti.
She noted that other persons may still file an appeal for pardon – under the new rules, the convicts` relatives have the right to do so. Besides, the Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights can appeal as well.
Earlier, the lawyer of Alexander Alexandrov said he would consider filing a petition for a pardon.
As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian special forces officers Alexandrov and Yerofeyev April 18 were sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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