Russian Progress cargo ship Russian cargo space ship falls to Earth after contact was lost. Video

The Russian space agency Roscosmos reported it had lost contact with its Progress MS-04 cargo ship launched on Soyuz-U carrier earlier today, December 1, to the International Space Station orbiting Earth.

”Today, after the launch of the Soyuz-U carrier, telemetry with a transport cargo ship Progress MS-04 was lost from the 383rd second. Currently, Roscosmos specialists are clarifying the situation,” reads a statement on the Roscosmos website.

On board the ship there are 2.5 tonnes of cargo, including fuel for refueling the ISS, air and water, scientific equipment and components, containers with food, clothing, medicines and personal care products for ISS crew members.

Earlier, on November 20, the astronauts of the 50th expedition successfully arrived at the ISS.

Video of falling supposedly Progress cargo ship’s fragments. Fragments fell in Tuva (Russian Federation)

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