79th airmobile brigade escapes from encirclement, volunteer says

Paratroopers of the 79th Mykolaiv Separate Airmobile Brigade broke out of the encirclement where they remained for three weeks, renowned volunteer Yuriy Biriukov, who helped remove the wounded from the encirclement, wrote on his Facebook page.
“My [guys – ed.] have escaped. 3 weeks. They didn’t give up, didn’t lay down. Proudly. As airborne forces should do … Everyone is alive on the way out… I’m running to meet them,” the volunteer wrote.
As reported, separate battalions of the 79th Brigade, along with other military units for a long time were surrounded near the border with the Russian Federation in the ATO area ??. They were poured with the crossfire from both Russia and separatists.
It is now known about the 22 dead and more than a hundred wounded of the Mykolaiv paratroopers.

07.08.2014 12:47

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