7 countries investigate serious war crimes in Ukraine, – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin noted on October 14, 2022, that already seven countries were involved in the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for the investigation of serious war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine. This expansion of cooperation gives confidence that Ukraine will win the battle on the front of the struggle for justice.

Source: Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin

“We have expanded the number of countries that are part of the Joint Investigation Team. Such an initiative united the prosecutor’s offices of Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland in the first weeks of the war. In total, seven countries are part of the joint investigation team, and now Romania has officially joined, which is very important. When we see the growing support for our efforts, it gives us confidence that we are winning our battle on the front lines of the fight for justice.”

According to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, expert groups from Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia are actively working in Ukraine within the framework of the JIT in the liberated territories of Ukraine. Mobile investigative and operational teams are involved. A French investigative and forensic group works in the Kharkiv region. Active cooperation with the ICC prosecutor’s team continues, and assistance is provided by a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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