5 G7 countries created an alliance to push Russia out of the international nuclear fuel market

The British Government reported on April 16, 2023, that the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada and Japan announced the creation of an alliance to oust Russia from the global nuclear fuel market.

Source: The British Government

Five countries will use the relevant resources and capabilities of each country’s civil nuclear power sectors to undermine Russia’s control over supply chains.

“This agreement will be used as the basis for pushing Putin out of the nuclear fuel market entirely, and doing so as quickly as possible, to cut off another means for him to fund his barbaric attack on Ukraine and fundamentally leave Russia out in the cold,” informed the British Government.

The British Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps emphasized the importance of creating an alliance to solve the problem of dependence on Russian nuclear fuel because the world is increasingly turning to nuclear energy as a source of low-carbon and secure energy.

“This is the next vital step, uniting with other countries to show Putin that Russia isn’t welcome anymore, and in shoring up our global energy security by using a reliable international supply of nuclear fuel from safe, secure sources,” said Grant Shapps.

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