5 civilians killed in Luhansk

Over the past 24 hours 5 civilians have been killed In Luhansk, 9 injured, including a child, the local authorities reported on Friday.
“As a result of the continued shelling 5 civilians have been killed, 9 suffered gunshot wounds and injuries as a result of armed clashes, including 1 child,” the report reads.
The artillery fire hit all the districts of the city.
Since yesterday, Luhansk has been completely cut off power supply – no electricity, water, mobile communication, there are also shortages of conventional telephone communication.
“Due to the hostilities in the city the artillery and mortar fire completely destroyed Kirovska electrical substation and severely damaged power lines. One more line that feeds the city from Krasnodon was also damaged,” the report reads.
More than 4,000 residents were cut off gas supply.
Earlier, media have repeatedly reported citing various sources that residential districts of Luhansk were shelled by the terrorists from the city center.

01.08.2014 13:19

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