10 paratroopers killed, 11 missing after battle near Shakhtarsk

Ten Ukrainian servicemen have been killed, another 13 wounded, and 11 are missing after the battle near Shakhtarsk in Donetsk region, after a column of paratroopers was ambushed by Russian mercenaries.
Acting Commander of the Highly Mobile Airborne Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel Yuriy Halushkin, said this at a briefing at Ukrinform on Friday.
“The commander of the unit was leading his unit out of the settlement, but was ambushed. There was a battle, in which we sustained heavy losses. Ten soldiers were killed and 13 soldiers were wounded, another 11 are missing,” he said.
Halushkin said that the unit had currently been removed from the zone of fire and was in a base camp.
All the dead and wounded were evacuated.

01.08.2014 14:38

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