Сoal from Georgian company Saqnakhshiri GIG Group can be of Donbas origin

Georgian company Saqnakhshiri GIG Group has won the tender set up by power generating company PJSC Centrenergo for the purchase of 700,000 coal of anthracite grade for Zmiivska and Tripilska TPPs.

”Despite the fact that the tender was held via ProZorro [e-procurement system], it was not transparent,” editor in chief of the BusinessCensor outlet Serhiy Golovniov wrote.

In his opinion, the question remains open where the Georgian Saqnakhshiri will take the coal. The Tkibul deposit, which is being developed by the company, contains hard coal and brown coal. Anthracite coal is not mined in Georgia. GIG itself buys up to 1,000 tonnes of anthracite per month in Russia`s Rostov region, for lime production.

According to Golovniov`s estimates, imports are unlikely.

”Theoretically, GIG can take anthracite from three sources: importing it from distant locations (South Africa, Australia, and Vietnam), buying it from Russia (Kuzbass area), or selling Ukraine the coal mined at Donbas enterprises, earlier `nationalized` by pro-Russian militants of `LPR` and `DPR` (self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People`s republics). Procurement from Africa or Australia is unlikely, as large amounts of low-volatile coal (anthracite and semi-anthracite) have earlier been contracted by Rinat Akhmetov`s DTEK and Anatoly Shkribliak`s Ukrteploenergo,” he said.

”The most likely source for the Georgian company would be the Ukrainian mines, which are located in the uncontrolled territory. First, this fuel is the cheapest in the region. Secondly, it practically can`t be sold anywhere else but Ukrainian TPPs,” the journalist added.

After the self-proclaimed authorities of ”LPR” and ”DPR” seized coal mining and steel making enterprises located in militant-controlled territories from their legal owners, the country was forced to resort to anthracite imports.

In accordance with the statement of balance approved by Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Ministry, the thermal generation sector should import 5.6 million tonnes of anthracite coal in 2017. Half of the 12 Ukrainian TPPs operate on this fuel.

The state-owned power generating company PJSC Centrenergo manages three TPPs, two of which feed on anthracite coal. This is the country`s second largest power generation company after DTEK.

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