Diplomatic scandal: drunk German Diplomat shouted at policemen in Kyiv

The German Embassy in Ukraine checks information on the possible involvement of the employee in conflict with police in Kyiv, Ukraine.
This is stated in a message on the page Embassy in Facebook.

“Currently German Embassy could not confirm the incident, we check the facts. In general, the employee of the German Embassy and staff are required to observe the rules of the host country. This includes course and traffic enforcement,” – said in a statement.

Стосовно відео, поширеного в мережі інтернет.На даний момент Посольство Німеччини не може підтвердити цей інцидент, ми …

Posted by Посольство Німеччини в Києві / Deutsche Botschaft Kiew on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The day before the video appeared on the Internet, where drunk diplomat conflicted with police. A tipsy diplomat came into conflict with the Kyiv patrol police, yelling and waving hands at policemen.
The event took place in the area of ​​Bessarabian market in Kyiv, Ukraine. The crowd surrounded the black Volvo with DP006017 numbers and did not allow to pass. Two policemen stood in front of the hood of the car and tried to block the exit of the vehicle with the way they (and witnesses) said, “the German diplomat drunk” driving. At the request of the police to stifle the engine, get out of the car and show documents, the man reacted aggressively, shouting and waving his arms, then hit the gas pedal and began to run into the police, and two witnesses. After the attacks on the hood, the man stopped the car and in aggressive form began to talk about their rights, integrity and that nobody has the right to shoot it on camera. After a verbal altercation with the police (in English), a man sat in car and was released by police.

Although, when in early May 2009 Yuriy Lutsenko (in 2009 -Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs) was detained at Frankfurt Airport by the German police in a state of acute alcohol intoxication, the flight crew refused to take them on board.   Yuriy Lutsenko was suspended from the post of the Interior Minister of Ukraine until the “drunken incident” is investigated. However, he didn’t drive the car and didn’t put in danger people’s life and health.

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