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Poland, Ukraine launch Open Skies regime

Open Skies regime has been introduced between Poland and Ukraine, since there are no restrictions on the frequency of regular flights between the two countries, according to the press office of the Polish Civil Aviation Service.
”The present Agreement between the aviation authorities of the two countries allows carriers of each of the parties to carry out regular flights between Poland and Ukraine without limitations on frequency and aircraft type,” the report says.
This provision came into force on March 17 in accordance with an agreement between the Polish and Ukrainian aviation authorities.
A previous bilateral agreement established a certain quota of flights between the countries. On the route Kyiv-Warsaw, the carriers from each side were limited to 14 flights a week, on other destinations – 10 flights per week.
As UaPosition reported earlier, on March 29, Italy ”opened skies” with Ukraine and lifted all restrictions on the frequency of flights and the number of carriers.
Thus, Ukraine has fully liberalized air services to Spain, Italy, Poland and the United States: all restrictions have been lifted on the number of routes, carriers, and frequency of flights.



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