Yatseniuk presents government action program

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk at a government meeting on Tuesday presented an action program of the Cabinet of Ministers, the government’s press service has reported.
The program, he said, is based on a coalition agreement: “There are no simple decisions, and quick and simple decisions are not always effective. That’s why the new government, along with the new parliament and president, and especially with the Ukrainian people, must fulfill our joint European program.”
“Our main course is the European course,” Yatseniuk said. “Our ultimate goal is Ukraine’s membership of the European Union. But in order to achieve this objective we must pass serious tests, bring radical changes and actually change Ukraine, making Ukraine a European state. Then we will get an invitation from our European partners. This is what our program is focused on,” he said.
According to him, the program envisages clear short-term actions for the next few years aimed at overcoming major challenges facing Ukraine.
The main challenge, Yatseniuk said, is a threat to Ukraine’s independence, which is linked to Russian military aggression against Ukraine: “The annexation of Crimea and Russian terrorists in Donbas – this is what endangered the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Ukrainian state. We are losing the most precious thing in our country – our people. Losses among civilians and Ukrainian soldiers who protect our state cannot be returned, but we need to help people and help Ukraine live this difficult time and stop Russian military aggression.”
“In addition to external aggression, we have internal aggression – corruption, irresponsibility, bribery and inefficient public management,” he said.
“The government submits for consideration by Ukraine its own vision of how to overcome these challenges and how to change the country,” Yatseniuk said.

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