Provocations make Turchynov adjourn Verkhovna Rada meeting

Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov adjourned the Verkhovna Rada meeting.
He justified his decision by provocations near the parliament and therefore by lack of the required number of MPs to vote.
However, Turchynov said that he will consult with factions on the possible convening of an extraordinary session.
To remind, today, on the feast of the Intercession of Holy Virgin, the UPA march was organized by the Svoboda in Kyiv. In the morning, a rally was held on the Maidan, and then the march came to the parliament building.
Later, unknown people in Balaklava came to the Verkhovna Rada building, who started to throw smoke bombs. Also, information appeared about shooting from pump-action guns in the direction of the parliament.

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