Police say about arrest of 36 participants in clashes

The Kyiv police have officially confirmed the detention of only 36 participants of clashes near the parliament.
“36 people were arrested on suspicion of committing offenses,” the Public Relations Department of the Interior Ministry Main Department in Kyiv told the agency.
They added that information comes from physicians about the affected policemen, whose number is specified.
“There are no data yet on affected members of mass events,” the capital’s police say.
Previously, Adviser to the Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko said about 50 detained protesters and about 15 police officers, who have suffered injuries.
Recall, the UPA march was held in Kyiv, organized by the Svoboda. In the morning, a meeting was held on the Maidan, and then the march came to the parliament building. Later, unknown people in Balaklava came to the Verkhovna Rada building and they started throwing smoke bombs. Also, information appeared on shooting from pump-action shot guns towards the parliament.

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