New Russian units coming to border with Russia

The units of the Russian Armed Forces that are leaving the areas bordering Ukraine are replaced with new units, i.e. a rotation of troops is underway, Information Resistance group leader Dmytro Tymchuk has reported on Facebook.
“In particular, a rotation of units is underway: the 98th airborne division (permanent site of deployment – Ivanovo), the 137th airborne regiment (Ryazan, 106thairborne regiment), other subunits consisting of the units of the 106th airborne division (headquartered in Tula), and the 45th separate special forces regiment (Kubinka),” he wrote.
Tymchuk thus noted that on October 13, the number of Russian troops in the border areas of Russia, near the state border of Ukraine, shrank by 2,000 people.

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