Mogerini criticized for indecision policy towards Ukraine

MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski expressed criticism of the EU policy on resolving the situation in Ukraine.
The Polish MP said this during a debate on the situation in Ukraine in the European Parliament, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“Why the European Union and you as High Representative is absent in Ukrainian talks? And why your chair is empty … why nothing has been done for Ukraine within the common security and defense policy framework? Why there is no EU labeling on humanitarian goods for Ukraine? Why there is no information campaign to counter Russia’s information war,” he said.
Saryusz-Wolski expressed the belief that this EU policy is ineffective.
“We often do very little, too late and modestly. We hide behind the OSCE, the UN, the Red Cross, and some member states. We do not call war as war and terrorism as terrorism,” he said, describing the EU policy towards Ukraine.

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