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Implementation of Silk Road project ”unthinkable” without Ukraine – China envoy

Implementation of Chinese infrastructure project Silk Road, designed to strengthen economic cooperation and enhance trade between China and Europe would be unthinkable without Ukraine`s participation, Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Du Wei said at a Kyiv forum.

”Without Ukraine, the implementation of the [Silk Road] initiative would be incomplete, even unthinkable. Therefore, Ukraine was

one of the first of more than 60 countries to have joined the [Silk] Road,” the ambassador said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine will join China`s newly-established Association for Promotion of Economic Cooperation ”Silk Road”, along with 20 other countries. To launch the project, Chinese funds have already collected nearly RMB 300 billion, or some $46 billion.


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  1. Russia wants the Silk Road to take a more northern route, that way they can extract more money in transit fees and impose political conditions of European goods and services heading east. Syria has devolved into an endless civil war with Russia coming to Assad’s aid when it looks like he is losing and withdrawing it’s support when he is winning, making it impossible for any side to win and bring about any sort of peace. Georgia has been eviscerated by “separatists”. Conflict has predictably flared up between Armenia and Azerbaijan. And, of course, Crimea and Donbas are occupied territories.

    Russia’s aggressive actions have created a situation in which Russia is the only safe route between China and Europe, and it is not only the Silk Road but other unrelated economic and trade policies are forced to shut down as well. The Kremlin wants the whole world to go through Russia, will violently protest and derail any independent arrangement in which they are not involved.

    For example, a gas pipeline that was going to connect from Turkmenistan to Europe, it was expected to pass through Georgia, but South Ossetia terrorists moved their border markers several kilometers beyond what was agreed in 2008 to incorporate part of the pipeline route forcing it to be moved further south, then as if by design a sudden outburst of violence occurred in Nagorno-Karabakh. Now Europe has no choice but to cancel it’s deal with Turmenistan and once more buy it’s gas from Russia.
    An oil pipeline from Oman was being built but had to be suddenly cancelled after Russia curiously failed to bomb any ISIS positions in Syria which existed along the planned route, meaning that once again Europe was forced to abandon plans to buy it’s strategic resources from anyone who isn’t Russia and to accept all the offensive political conditions the Kremlin attaches to it’s trade agreements.

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