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French presidential candidate Le Pen states that Russian annexation of Crimea is not illegal

Russia-friendly French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told the BFMTV television channel on Tuesday, January 03, 2017 that Crimean annexation was legal, and France and Russia must establish “strategic relations”:

“I do not think that (Crimea’s) reunification (with Russia) was illegitimate.”

“A referendum was organized, and residents of Crimea voted to join Russia. I see no grounds whatsoever to question this referendum,” stated Le Pen.

In fact Le Pen’s campaign was also previously funded by a loan from a First Czech Russian Bank. As Voice of America reports, the leader of The French National Front party officially needes to fund upcoming campaigns in French presidential election in spring and summer 2017.

Le Pen’s firm rejection of foreign influence would make fishing for finances outside French waters a no-go, were it not for her Russia-friendly stance and what party officials say is the refusal of French banks to lend money to the anti-immigration National Front.

Funds are needed to finance campaigning for the April-May presidential vote and June parliamentary elections. Party officials deny recent reports that they have received a new loan from a Russian establishment, but no one is denying that the party may be asking for one.

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  1. Always follow the money, Putin has lended millions to Le Pen’s Front.
    Besides that even Kremlin office said just 15% voted FOR annexation(joing RF).

    A lot of (left/right wing)populists nowadays from many countries say big countries may invade and annex smaller countries. I’ve asked a dutch populist if he agreed with this, he said yes.
    Then you are against USA-Canada-Australia-Uk and others liberating Europe in WW2 if you lived back then?
    ehh yes…was the answer…so you would have been helpfull servants to the nazi’s back then…..NO answer to that in my opinion logcal conclusion.

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