Deputies to be stripped of immunity already this year – Lutsenko

Parliamentary immunity will be cancelled in 2015 through the gradual introduction of amendments to the Constitution.
Coordinator of the parliamentary coalition Yuriy Lutsenko said this in an interview, the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko’s press service reported.
“We should get it [immunity] over with and I do not see any argument for [immunity]. But some of the deputies are looking for these arguments,” Lutsenko said.
He said that the parliament will reluctantly vote for the cancellation of immunity.
“Anyone who will try to accelerate the changes to the Constitution will certainly tell about the need to add immunity to deputies and to the president. This is a failsafe mechanism that has always disrupted any vote. That’s why I’m talking about the need to vote for reforms gradually. Parliamentary immunity should be cancelled, I demonstrate this by all my votes, but I’m not sure that everyone in parliament has the same position. If we now join these issues, we will just fail to vote for both of them. It is necessary to do it in a piecemeal manner,” he said.
According to Lutsenko, the society is 100% ready for this step, but the parliament has at least one third of the deputies who are categorically against the cancellation of parliamentary immunity, in particular, in the coalition factions.
“It makes me very angry. I do not understand the arguments that the deputy should be protected, because they say that without it there would have been no Maidan. These all are manipulations,” the MP said.

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