Amendments to Constitution on judicial reform may be approved already this year

Amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine on judicial system will be introduced this year.
This was announced by deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, coordinator of the Council for judicial reform Oleksiy Filatov at press briefing on Wednesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“We wish these amendments (to the Constitution – Ed.) were taken as soon as possible. It is difficult to predict whether it will be in May, August, or December, but we are surely talking about this year,” Filatov said.
According to him, the amendments to the Constitution will be drafted by the constitutional commission, which will include representatives of all the concerned public and professional groups and public authorities. “This constitutional commission should prepare a comprehensive document to reboot the Ukrainian Constitution,” deputy head of the Presidential Administration said.
“The situation in the judicial system requires immediate changes. Much time has been lost. We can talk about deterioration of situation with every passing day. Therefore, despite the fact that the fundamental changes in the judicial system require amendments to the Constitution, it was decided to introduce all the possible changes without this sufficiently long and arduous process,” he said, explaining the need for adoption of a new law on judicial system.

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