Operational report July 26, 2022 by the General Staff of AFU on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian citizens against a Russian military invasion continues on the one hundred fifty-third day.

Training was conducted in the Volyn-Polissya directions by the armed forces Republic of Belarus on the communication and control of points. The conduct of the illegal aerial reconnaissance using unmanned aerial vehicles at the operational-tactical level was observed from that territory, in the direction of the Ukrainian cities Lutsk (Volyn) and Kovel (Volyn). There is still a threat of air and missile strikes from the territory or airspace of Belarus.

The Russian army attacked the Siversky direction with barrel and jet artillery, shelling the Chernihiv oblast (Khrinivka area).

Russia is carrying out combat operations in the Slobozhanskyi direction with the goal of holding the occupied line and preventing Ukrainian troops from moving. The russian troops used tanks, barrel/rocket artillery in the Kharkiv areas of the settlements of Borshcheva, Rubizhne, Duvanka, Ruska Lozova, Chuhuiv, Klugino-Bashkyrivka, Svitlychne, Pryshyb, Pytomnyk, Sosnivka, Ruski Tyshki, Petrivka, Dementiyivka, Slatine, and Mospanove. It conducted airstrikes in the vicinity of Zalyman, Mospanove.

Russian troops attacked the Nortsivka and Bohorodychne districts in the Slovyansk direction. The enemy replenishes its ammunition and fuel stocks. In the Kramatorsk direction there was shelling from barrel artillery and jet artillery near Kryva Luka. Near Spirne, Serebrianka, the enemy launched airstrikes. Ukrainian troops successfully repelled enemy airstrikes in the area of Spirne, Serebrianka and the National Nature Park “Sviati Hory” (Holy Mountains National Nature Park, Donetsk region), and pushed back the enemy.

Bakhmut is being attacked by the Russian soldiers who are firing artillery near the settlements of Berestove and Bilohorivka. They conducted airstrikes in the vicinity of Soledar, Vesela Dolyna, and the territory at the Vuhlehirska TPP. The enemy lost and fled the area of Semyhiria and Berestove. However, Russian units continue to attempt to advance towards Pokrovske. Hostilities are continuing. Avdiyivka was hit with shelling, particularly near Zelene Pole, Orikhove and Shcherbaky.

The Russian army is defending itself in the South Buh direction and concentrating its efforts to stop the advance of Ukrainian troops. It also fired artillery and tanks along its contact line. It also conducted airstrikes close to Kaluha, Velyke Artakove and Olhyne. The drones were used to conduct aerial reconnaissance. 2 Russian carriers of sea-based cruise missiles “Kalibr”, which are capable of destroying ships, can be seen in the Black Sea waters, just outside of the base points. Still, there is a risk of Russian missile strikes against critical Ukrainian infrastructure facilities. Ukrainian planes and helicopters continue their airstrikes against enemy concentrations and military equipment in the designated directions. Occupants continue to lose significant ground in battles against Ukrainian soldiers.

General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The military staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - official source of the information from the Russian-Ukrainian war.
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