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Recognition the Russian court of the Euromaidan as the ‘coup’ does not have any legal consequences for Ukraine – the First Deputy Minister of Justice

The First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostyanova states that the recognition by the court in Moscow the protests of 2014 in Ukraine as ”coup d`etat” does not bear any legal consequences for Ukraine, TV Channel 5 reports.

The Ukrainian official comments about the fact that Dorogomilovsky court in Moscow on the suit of ex-People`s Deputy from the Party of Regions Volodymyr Oliynyk December 27 recognized the protests of 2014 in Ukraine as ”coup d`etat”:

”For us, everything is very simple in this matter. One of the traitors of Ukraine, a former MP, had filed this lawsuit in the country, which has no jurisdiction in this issue. Putin`s pocket court has heard the case and handed down this ruling, the one it was told to hand down, and it has no legal effect for us, so there is not much to respond to here,” the Ukrainian official said.

”This is one of the acts of the Russian propaganda, trying under the guise of a court to continue its aggressive policy,” said the Justice Ministry.

”Today there are no grounds and no jurisdiction for considering Ukraine`s internal issues, namely the Revolution of Dignity, and assessing it in any international courts.”


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