Hitler and Putin. The Rise of Evil. Infographic

“Deutscland ist Hitler; Hitler ist Deutschland”
Rudolf Hess, deputy Führer

“If there is Putin – there is Russia, no Putin – no Russia”
Vyacheslav Volodin, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia


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Hitler and Putin:
• physical punishment of opposition – journalists and human rights defenders
• the use of intelligence agencies as government support
• creation of state propaganda
• the use of right parties in European countries for lobbying
• suppression of liberal values, persecution of sexual minorities, the ban of public protests

Hitler: Came to power after the setting the Reichstag on fire.President Hindenburg announced him as the successor
Putin: Came to power after the organization of explosions in Russian cities. President Yeltsin announced him as the successor

Hitler: Man of the Year according Times
Putin: Man of the Year according Times

Hitler: The ideology of the revenge for the defeat in the World War I
Putin:The ideology of the revenge for the defeat in the Cold War

Hitler: Announced as the government policy “living space of Germanic people”
Putin:Announced government policy “protection of Russian world”

Hitler: “Returned” demilitarized Rhineland zone
Putin: “Returned” South Ossetia that was controlled by peacekeepers

Hitler: Violated the Treaty of Versailles
Putin: Violated Budapest memorandum and The Treaty of 1997

Hitler:Falsified referendum in Austria
Putin: Falsified referendum in Crimea

Hitler:Annexation of Austria
Putin: Annexation of Crimea

Hitler:Attacked Sudetenland under the pretext of the protection of German speaking
Putin: Attacked Donbas under the pretext of protecting Russianspeaking

Hitler:Undeclared war with Poland
Putin: Undeclared war with Ukraine

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  1. this should be updated to include newer developments, But no question Putin is our day’s Hitler and the EU are fools for ignoring this fact! Germany in particular has bend over backwards to embrace Russia when they should be confronting. Merkel continues to push Ukraine to submit to Russian aggression without any comments about the killings Russian troops commits.

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