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Hitler and Putin. The Rise of Evil. Infographic

“Deutscland ist Hitler; Hitler ist Deutschland”
Rudolf Hess, deputy Führer

“If there is Putin – there is Russia, no Putin – no Russia”
Vyacheslav Volodin, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia


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Hitler and Putin:
• physical punishment of opposition – journalists and human rights defenders
• the use of intelligence agencies as government support
• creation of state propaganda
• the use of right parties in European countries for lobbying
• suppression of liberal values, persecution of sexual minorities, the ban of public protests

Hitler: Came to power after the setting the Reichstag on fire.President Hindenburg announced him as the successor
Putin: Came to power after the organization of explosions in Russian cities. President Yeltsin announced him as the successor

Hitler: Man of the Year according Times
Putin: Man of the Year according Times

Hitler: The ideology of the revenge for the defeat in the World War I
Putin:The ideology of the revenge for the defeat in the Cold War

Hitler: Announced as the government policy “living space of Germanic people”
Putin:Announced government policy “protection of Russian world”

Hitler: “Returned” demilitarized Rhineland zone
Putin: “Returned” South Ossetia that was controlled by peacekeepers

Hitler: Violated the Treaty of Versailles
Putin: Violated Budapest memorandum and The Treaty of 1997

Hitler:Falsified referendum in Austria
Putin: Falsified referendum in Crimea

Hitler:Annexation of Austria
Putin: Annexation of Crimea

Hitler:Attacked Sudetenland under the pretext of the protection of German speaking
Putin: Attacked Donbas under the pretext of protecting Russianspeaking

Hitler:Undeclared war with Poland
Putin: Undeclared war with Ukraine



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