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SilverLands. The Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939 | release 2012. Documentary film

For centuries, the people of Transcarpathia were isolated by politics, geography and poverty. Following WW1, as neighbouring states eyed the strategic and material potential of Transcarpathia, the region experienced a cultural renaissance. In 1939, as Europe prepared for war, the battle for control of the region escalated. Against a swell of political and military interventions, the republic of Carpatho-Ukraine was born, sowing the seeds for an independent Ukraine.

Genre: Documentary
Narrator: Edward Burns
Director / DP / Editor: Taras Khymych
Composer / Sound director: Liubomyr Solomchenko
Sound producer: Roman Mykulskyj
Arial Photography: Ruslan Hrytsaylo
Scientific consultant: Oleksandr Pahiria

Cast: Yurij Khvostenko, Halyna Dalyavska, Oleksandra Lyuta, Vasyl’ Korzhuk, Bohdan Revkevych, Dmytro Karshnevych, Mykola Bereza, Edward Burns, Volodymyr Pravosudov, Yaroslav Kirhach, Yaroslav Radevych, Oleh Sikyrynskyj


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