Why is the “Israeli model,” which the USA proposes for Ukraine, impossible?

Why is the “Israeli model,” which the USA proposes for Ukraine, impossible?

A brief likbez (elimination of illiteracy) at American-Israeli relations and its relevance to Ukraine

From the beginning of the war for independence (1947-1949) until the early 1960s, the USA had a hostile stance towards Israel, even imposing an arms embargo on the young Jewish state. The hostility between the two countries sometimes reached peak levels of political tension. For instance, the USA threatened to attack Israel in the 1950s if it did not withdraw from the occupied Sinai, and in the 1960s, Israel bombed and destroyed an American military ship.

The first real warming of relations between the countries occurred after the Israelis handed over the latest Soviet MiG-21 fighter jet, obtained by Israel in 1966, to the Americans for examination. The Americans had been trying in vain to obtain this aircraft throughout the 1960s. As a result of this Israeli gesture (the plane was handed over to the USA for 2 years, and then Israel reclaimed it), the USA allowed the sale of AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missiles, and some other modern equipment to Israel.

It was indeed a sale, not a transfer or gift.

Following this event, there was a positive trend in improving relations, especially after the wars in 1967 and 1973. Eventually, this led to a situation where the USA began providing Israel with 2.5-3 billion dollars annually. However, Israel itself spends 24 billion dollars per year on defense.

The American few billion dollars mostly go towards developing new types of weapons, which Washington later purchases from Jerusalem. A similar amount of a few billion dollars annually is given to Egypt for many years now (including F-16s, Abrams tanks, etc.). To help Ukrainians understand, it would be like the USA giving 5 billion dollars each year to both Kyiv and Moscow five years after the end of the current war. Kyiv would receive it for the development of new military technology, while Moscow (the local military junta) would receive licenses for F-16s and the like.

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This is all a remark for those who believe that without US assistance, Israel would be finished. Yes, without these 2.5-3 billion dollars, it would be more challenging, but the main portion of defense spending has always been and remains self-reliant, national, without subsidies, cabals, or dependencies.

How does it work? Well, everything goes to the military. Israel’s defense spending sometimes reached up to 30% of the state budget. In the first 5-10 years, the Jewish state lived in poverty, giving its last penny to its defenders.

There are no “American guarantees” to Israel. Washington never committed to fight for Jerusalem. And if by “guarantees” you mean those few annual billions, then excuse me, but that is laughable.

That’s why there is no “Israeli model” under America for Ukraine. There is simply the Israeli model as it is. It’s a state-military camp with an eternal state of war and the army at the forefront and center of everything.

The author won’t decide whether it’s needed or not for Ukraine. It’s for Ukrainians to decide. The author just wants to emphasize that Americans have no say in this matter, except as close partners in different projects. Nothing more.

Originally posted by Yigal Levin on LIGA.net. Translated and edited by the UaPosition – Ukrainian news and analytics website

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